You have found the heart and soul of herb and spice suppliers, Herb Wholesalers. We deal extensively in herbs and spices, including raw materials, powders, selected vitamins, accessories, and other natural products.

Herb Wholesalers supply direct to manufacturers, practitioners, veterinarians, general public, and enthusiasts alike. Our botanicals start off at 250g size. You can purchase them in 250g, 500g or 1kg+ quantities. Minimum order is $30 plus postage.

By providing excellent service and the finest quality product, Herb Wholesalers makes ordering herbs and spices easy. Our online shop enables you to purchase our products 24 hours a day and offers various payment options for your peace of mind.

Orders are processed quickly and efficiently enabling them to be dispatched smoothly and delivered quickly. Herb Wholesalers are an online shop. Shipping can be organised via our regular method being Australia Post. If you would prefer another method just contact Rachael & Rodney at Herb Wholesalers when placing your order.