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Allspice, derived from the dried berries of the Pimenta dioica plant, is named so because it is said to encompass flavors reminiscent of several different spices, including cinnamon, cloves, and nutmeg. . . . read more

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Common uses of allspice in cooking:

  1. Baking: Allspice is a key ingredient in many baked goods, such as cakes, cookies, muffins, and pies. It adds warmth and depth of flavor to sweet treats.

  2. Sauces and Gravies: Allspice is used in savory dishes like sauces and gravies. It can be a component in barbecue sauces, marinades, and meat-based stews.

  3. Pickling and Brining: Allspice berries are often included in pickling blends and brines for fruits and vegetables. They contribute a warm and slightly spicy flavor to pickled items.

  4. Curries and Spice Blends: Allspice is a common ingredient in spice blends, particularly in Caribbean and Middle Eastern cuisines. It is often found in curry powders and jerk seasoning.

  5. Soups and Stews: Allspice can be added to soups and stews, especially those featuring meats, to impart a rich and aromatic flavor.

  6. Chutneys and Relishes: Allspice is used in the preparation of chutneys and relishes, adding complexity to the flavors of these condiments.

  7. Mulled Beverages: Allspice is a component of many mulled beverage recipes, including mulled wine and cider. It adds warmth and a spiced character to these drinks.

  8. Desserts: Allspice is a versatile spice in desserts beyond baking. It can be used in the preparation of ice creams, custards, and other sweet dishes.

  9. Meat Rubs: Allspice is often included in spice rubs for meats, particularly for grilling or smoking. It pairs well with various types of meat, including pork and beef.

  10. Flavoring Liqueurs and Cordials: Allspice is used in the preparation of certain liqueurs and cordials, contributing to their spiced and aromatic profiles.

When using allspice, whether ground or in its whole berry form, it's advisable to start with a small amount and adjust to taste. Its flavor is potent, and a little goes a long way. Allspice can be a versatile addition to both sweet and savory dishes, providing a warm and complex flavor reminiscent of a combination of other spices.

Place of Origin

Mexico - Trade

Botanical Name

Pimento dioica


Dried Whole Fruit


100% Allspice.
No preservatives, artificial colours, sweeteners or flavours.
Gluten free, dairy free and no added sugar.

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