Black Peppercorns (Whole)

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Whole Black peppercorns, the dried fruit of the Piper nigrum vine, are one of the most commonly used spices in the world. . . . read more

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Black peppercorns, the dried fruit of the Piper nigrum vine, are one of the most commonly used spices in the world. Here are some common uses of black peppercorns:

  1. Seasoning: Black pepper is a versatile seasoning used to add flavor and spice to a wide variety of savory dishes. It is often used in both cooking and as a table condiment.

  2. Cooking: Ground black pepper is an essential ingredient in many recipes. It is used in marinades, rubs, sauces, soups, stews, and various savory dishes to enhance their flavor.

  3. Grinding Fresh Pepper: Many people prefer to use a pepper grinder to freshly grind black peppercorns over their dishes just before serving. This helps preserve the essential oils in the peppercorns, resulting in a more aromatic and flavorful pepper.

  4. Salad Dressings: Ground black pepper is a common ingredient in salad dressings, adding a zesty kick to vinaigrettes and creamy dressings.

  5. Marinades: Black pepper is often included in marinades for meats and vegetables. It complements the other flavors in the marinade and adds a bit of heat.

  6. Dry Rubs: Black pepper is a key component of many dry rubs used for seasoning meats before grilling, roasting, or smoking.

  7. Pasta and Rice Dishes: Black pepper is frequently used to season pasta sauces, rice dishes, and risottos, providing a subtle spiciness.

  8. Eggs and Breakfast Dishes: Black pepper is commonly used to season eggs, whether scrambled, fried, or boiled. It is also sprinkled on breakfast dishes like omelets and frittatas.

  9. Vegetables: Black pepper can enhance the flavor of cooked or roasted vegetables. It is often used in simple preparations to bring out the natural taste of the vegetables.

  10. Cheese Pairing: Black pepper pairs well with many types of cheese. It is often used to season cheese-based dishes and as a finishing touch on cheese boards.

  11. Canning and Pickling: Black pepper may be used in canning and pickling recipes to add a savory element to preserved fruits and vegetables.

  12. Bloody Mary and Cocktails: Black pepper is a common ingredient in cocktails, particularly in the classic Bloody Mary, where it adds a spicy kick to the drink.

  13. Medicinal Uses: In traditional medicine, black pepper has been used for its potential digestive benefits. It is believed to stimulate digestion and improve nutrient absorption.

  14. Preserving Freshness: Whole black peppercorns are sometimes included in pickling recipes not only for flavor but also for their ability to help preserve the color and texture of fruits and vegetables.

Black peppercorns are prized for their pungent and slightly spicy flavor. They contain a compound called piperine, which gives black pepper its characteristic taste. Whether ground or used whole, black peppercorns are a staple in kitchens worldwide.

Place of Origin

Vietnam - Trade

Botanical Name

Piper nigrum




100% Peppercorns.
No preservatives, artificial colours, sweeteners or flavours.
Gluten free, dairy free and no added sugar.

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