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Organic dried eucalyptus leaves, derived from various species of the Eucalyptus genus, are renowned for their therapeutic properties such as aiding respiratory health due to the oils it contains. . . . read more

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Organic dried eucalyptus leaves, derived from various species of the Eucalyptus genus, are renowned for their therapeutic properties and are used in several ways:

  1. Aromatherapy:

    • Respiratory Health: Dried eucalyptus leaves are commonly used in steam inhalation or as a component in essential oil diffusers to alleviate respiratory congestion, ease coughs, and relieve sinusitis symptoms. The leaves release volatile oils containing compounds like cineole, which possess decongestant and expectorant properties.
    • Mood Enhancement: Inhalation of eucalyptus aroma may uplift mood, reduce stress, and promote mental clarity. It is often used in aromatherapy to create a refreshing and invigorating atmosphere.
  2. Herbal Tea:

    • Respiratory Support: Brewing dried eucalyptus leaves into tea may provide respiratory support similar to inhaling the vapor. It can help soothe throat irritation, clear nasal passages, and promote easier breathing. However, it's essential to use caution and not ingest large quantities, as eucalyptus tea can be toxic if consumed excessively.
  3. Topical Applications:

    • Pain Relief: Infusions made from dried eucalyptus leaves can be applied topically to sore muscles or joints to alleviate pain and inflammation. The leaves contain compounds with analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties.
    • Skin Care: Eucalyptus leaves are sometimes infused into oils or added to baths for their antiseptic properties, helping to cleanse the skin and alleviate minor skin irritations or insect bites.
  4. Household Uses:

    • Insect Repellent: Dried eucalyptus leaves can be scattered in closets or drawers to repel moths and other insects. Eucalyptus oil is also commonly used in homemade insect repellent sprays.
    • Air Freshener: Eucalyptus leaves can be used to make potpourri or sachets to freshen the air with their invigorating aroma. Additionally, dried leaves can be added to homemade cleaning solutions for their antimicrobial properties and pleasant scent.
  5. Crafts and Decor:

    • Decorative Wreaths: Dried eucalyptus leaves are popular for crafting wreaths, garlands, or floral arrangements due to their attractive appearance and aromatic fragrance.
    • Potpourri: Dried eucalyptus leaves can be combined with other aromatic herbs and botanicals to create fragrant potpourri blends for decorative purposes.

Place of Origin

Portugal - Organic

Botanical Name

Eucalyptus globulus




100% Eucalyptus.
No preservatives, artificial colours, sweeteners or flavours.
Gluten free, dairy free and no added sugar.

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